41. The Evangelical Channel must leave

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The author reports that Bishop Armyā of the Coptic Orthodox Church sent away the team of Evangelical channel

Sat7 and permitted Coptic Orthodox Channels only to cover a concert that took place in Saint Mark Cathedral.

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Under the

title ’Cop tic back talk,’ the author reports on the story that the Saint Augustine Choir was celebrated a concert on the

Anbā Ruways stage in the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo. Christian TV channels were present to cover the concert.

However, Bishop Armyā, Pope Shenouda III’s secretary got angry and wanted to send away the team of Sat7, the Evangelical

channel, leaving only the two other Orthodox channels; Agape and CTV.
The author wonders “how can bishops who

constantly preach love and cordiality comport in such a “strange way?”
On the other hand al-Fāris stated that Sat7

is not a “sectarian channel” and that it broadcast Orthodox masses and sermons. Moreover, there are Coptic Orthodox bishops

in its administrative board; one of these is Bishop Marqus of Shubrā al-Khaymah.

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