2. A legal crisis in the Administrative Court because of Christianization claims

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The file of Christianization claims and the reaction of the administrative court.

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The administrative court is facing a new and serious stage in the Christianization file.. Muhammad Hijāzī and Māhir Mu‘tasim have asked the court to issue a judgment which allows them to change their names and religion in their national ID cards. They have based their case on the articles of the Egyptian constitution which declare that the State guarantees freedom of belief. Māhir filed his case last August requesting that his name and religion in his national ID card be changed in accordance with articles 40 and 46 of the Egyptian constitution. The court transferred the case and its documents to the Authority of Commissioners to prepare a legal report.
In the report, the Authority of Commissioners recommended that the court reject the suit. This rejection is based on the view that although the constitution guarantees freedom of belief, there is a difference between freedom of belief and playing frivolously with religions. Another reason for the rejection of Māhir’s claim is that he alleges that he has embraced Christianity since 1973 whereas he married three times as a Muslim, and the last time was in 2006. On the other hand, Māhir’s lawyers base their case on the legal provisions and articles of the constitution, stating that the suit is a legal suit and that they expect to get a judgment in favor of Māhir.

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