33. Islamic Research Academy: the Ahmadiyya belief followers are not Muslims

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The Azhar does not consider followers of the Ahmadiyya belief to be Muslims.

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This is Mahmūd’s second article about different denominations and beliefs in Egypt. In his article last week he wrote about Bahā’īs and the Bahā’ī faith [Reviewer: See AWR 200, week 23, article 24].
In this article Mahmūd discusses the so-called Qādyānīyah, or the Ahmadiyya belief that appeared in the late 19th century in India. Mahmūd stated that the Ahmadiyya belief was “invented” in India and was welcomed by the English occupation there.
Mahmūd argues that there are more than 5000 guides and dā‘īyahs in Africa. Muslim scholars and men of religion in the world reject the Ahmadiyya belief and refused to consider it part of Islam.
The Islamic Research Academy does not consider followers of the Ahmadiyya belief Muslims.
Mahmūd provides thorough historical background about the Ahmadiyya, its founder and the stance towards Islam.

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