29. The retreat of Copts and close-mindedness … reasons for their absence from leading positions.

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A discussion about the role of Copts in

Egyptian universities and how to activate this role.

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Al-Jumhūriyah discusses the fact that Copts tend to

work in private businesses leaving behind the field of academic work in universities. First of all, Kamāl Zākhir,

the Coptic thinker, states that society’s development requires activating the principle of equality and selection on the

basis of efficiency. Dr. Ikrām Lam‘ī, the spokesman of the Evangelical Church, believes that a wide

range of Copts have a belief that they will never be appointed to such positions, so they turn away from this field. He

says that the Ministry of Higher Education should put specific and accurate rules in selecting university teachers to

prevent any discrimination. Dr. Rasmī ‘Abd al-Lāh, the Administration and Planning Professor in the

Educational Research Center, confirms the importance of efficiency principles. On the other hand, Dr. Christine

Zāhir, teacher of research curricula and teaching methods at the faculty of Education, Port Said, believes that the

most important reason for this status is the spirit of surrender in which Copts live. She also says that the solution is

the activation of the citizenship principle.

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