37. A reading in the monasticism system I.

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The article highlights and discusses a recently issued book which attacks monasticism, describing it as a


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The author refers to a recently issued book entitled ‘Bid‘at al-Rahbanah’ [The Heterodoxy of

Monasticism] in which the writer attacks the church in general and monasticism in particular. Although the book’s writer

[Reviewer: not named in the article, but the abovementioned book was authored by Dr. Hinein

‘Abd al-Masīh].believes that his book is a scientific research, Kamal Zākhir, the article’s author refers

to the book as just a personal view. Zākhir comments on what is mentioned in the book regarding monasticism in Egypt

having begun during the 4th century AD, and was unknown to Christianity before then. Zākhir asserts that

monasticism researchers indicate that there were many unorganized movements of monasticism before the era of St. Anthony, the

founder of monasticism in Egypt. The book’s writer also misunderstands the monasticism principles, describing them as an

escape from the world, isolation, prevention of marriage and body hatred, according to Zākhir, who adds that the writer

amasses verses to try to prove his point but uses them incorrectly, for the church never forbade marriage, and did not call

for isolation nor did it teach body hatred, but in fact opposed such calls.

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