30. Instead of apologizing… where are the policies for dealing with "sectarianism"?

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The article sheds light on some causes of the increase of sectarian tension in Egypt.

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The following are some of the aspects of sectarianism in Egypt in the last few years according to the author.
1- The spread of fanaticism among people as a result of religious discourse and the media that stirs people up against those having different religions.
2- The absence of political and legislative solutions for sectarian problems such as building houses of worship, personal status, and conversion.
3- Escalation of ordinary social and economic problems between citizens into sectarian clashes because of religion and the desire of some to divert attention from the real social, economic and political causes of the problem.
4- The spread of certain kinds of religious debates previously unknown in Egypt, between those of different faiths, which include comparisons and boastfulness in addressing those of other religions.
5- The lack of creativity in problem solving and the repetition of the same approach every time and the lack of political strategies to maintain national integration.
Sectarianism has become a time bomb that could explode at any time because of any clash between two persons of different religions that has nothing to do with religion itself, the author argues. There should be a profound study of the causes of sectarian problems instead of denying them.

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