45. The pope warns expatriate Copts not to participate in conferences that offend Egypt

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Pope Shenouda issues strict instructions for Coptic Orthodox clergymen abroad to boycott conferences that can tarnish Egypt’s image. He also called on Copts in the United States to prepare for the reception of President Mubārak in the United States.

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Pope Shenouda III, the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, issued strict instructions for clergymen abroad not to participate in any conferences that can tarnish Egypt’s image.
Rose al-Yūsuf learned that Pope Shenouda had warned Coptic Orthodox clergymen in Austria to not participate in the conference currently held there by the European Union of Coptic Organizations.
The conference is expected to attack the Egyptian government and claim the existence of discrimination against Copts in Egypt, a matter rejected by Pope Shenouda and the leadership of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Church sources revealed that Bishop Yū’annis, Pope Shenouda’s secretary, met with a number of Coptic expatriates in the United States and asked them not to be swayed by the ideas promoted by some organizations that have private goals behind attacking Egypt.
Pope Shenouda also called on Copts to prepare to welcome President Mubārak in his expected visit to the United States next month.

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