63. “Egypt manipulates religion to fight sexual harassment,” Time Magazine

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Egypt resorts to religion in order to confront sexual harassment.

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Time Magazine mentioned in its blog on the Middle East on its website that Egypt resorts to religion in order to fight the phenomenon of sexual harassment. This was written after the Ministry of Endowments published a book about sexual harassment and distributed it among imāms in order to increase awareness concerning social problems that result from this phenomenon.
The magazine quoted Du‘ā Qāsim, a 24-year-old Egyptian activist, who did research in this field in Sweden. Qāsim is like the rest of Egyptian women who got used to getting exposed to verbal and non-verbal harassment. However, Qāsim is different because she had the courage to confront the perpetrators.
The magazine added in the blog that the Egyptian government believes that resorting to religion could be the answer to the problem. This is why they encouraged the distribution of the book written by the Ministry of Endowments.
Time Magazine pointed to the fact that after the government kept denying sexual harassment had become a phenomenon, there are signs that it has begun to change its attitude; last year, for the first time ever, a youth was sentenced to three years imprisonment for sexual harassment.

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