41. A former priest: Scientology is a “chameleon” and most of its followers are “addicted to the limelight”

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The article highlights the bitter experience through which Alain Stoffen, the Belgian pianist, passed after joining the Scientology church for 15 years.

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After 15 years as a member of the Scientology church, Alain Stoffen, the Belgian pianist, discovered the big deception and deviant means which the church has followed to extort his money. He decided to write a book entitled "A Journey to the Heart of the Scientology, a Testimony of a Former Follower" in which he set out to tell his bitter experience. At the same time, other French followers decided to file a case against officials in this church accusing them of “organized fraud”.
In his book, Stoffen describes Scientology as a “chameleon” which colors itself to attract its victims. He confesses that his desire to become well known had been the reason behind joining that church. After his marriage the church’s interference in his life led him to divorce. Reading his personal file by chance, Stoffen discovered how the church extorted him mentally and financially. He, depending on this file, brought a suit against the church and is waiting for the court’s judgment.

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