6. Queen of Britain honors 20 Muslims and grants them medals

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Queen Elizabeth honors 20 Muslims in Britain.

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Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Britain, has honored 20 British Muslims for their efforts and contribution to British society through charitable works and activities. The event took place through the annual ceremony held by Queen Elizabeth in honor of eminent figures from religious minorities. Muslims were recognized by being granted titles of honor in order to enhance their engagement in society.
Three Muslims received the title of Knight Grand Cross (GBE) which is a very prestigious title in the UK. Other titles included Knight Commander, Dame Commander, Commander, Officer and Member which are all honorable titles in Britain. Among the honored Muslims are a number of policemen, lawyers, professors and heads of charitable organizations.
Queen Elizabeth recognized 22 Muslims last year for their contribution to society. Islamic organizations in Britain play an important role in helping society as a whole, not only minorities. According to latest statistics, the number of Muslims in the UK reached 2.5 million.

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