75. A new party and Copts for Egypt

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The author reports on letters from politically and socially concerned Egyptian citizens

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The author starts his article by reviewing a letter from one ‘Allā’al-Masri in which he says that the people are being stripped of their country while they are doing nothing but crying; they are not taking any procedures or steps to confront the pirates who are following a planned policy to steal the country. He also believes that the country is being managed for the benefit of some few characters removed from the rest of the ordinary people.
The writer advocates the establishment of a new party embracing those who are known for their patriotism and purity; after the party presents its program which aims at saving Egypt and the coming generations from the danger of those pirates who destroyed the different fields: education, health, economy, security, and the country’s international status, it should be supported by the people.
Another letter received by the author is from a group of Egyptian people who signed their letter ’Copts for Egypt’. They express the severe pain they feel at the disputes and incidents taking place among the sons of the Egyptian society, known for its tolerance by nature. They seek to address every citizen who believes that Egypt is a civil country, and that religious freedom is guaranteed by the law, to join them against fitnah and division among citizens of the one nation and achieve citizenship for all.

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