29. Why do Muslims take building a church as an offense against Islam?

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In the article the author argues that Islam respects the rights of the people of the scripture and wonders why Muslims take offense at the building of churches.

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Every now and then Copts are attacked because they build a church or pray inside a house. The author argues that those who launch such attacks know nothing about Islam!
The author calls on the reader to consider the Qur’ānic verse that says, "Of the People of the Scripture there is a staunch community who recite the revelations of Allāh in the night season, falling prostrate (before Him). They believe in Allāh and the Last Day, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency, and vie one with another in good works. These are of the righteous" [003: 113-114]. The author then wonders do not the people of the scripture recite the revelations of Allāh in churches?
Prophet Muhammad said that that whoever is hostile to a dhimī is hostile to the prophet himself. In another hadīth he orders Muslims to treat Copts well. In addition, ‘Umar Bin al-Khatāb ordered whoever would succeed him to keep his covenants with the people of the scripture and not to assign them with whatever they could not bear. Moreover, he deposed of al-Walīd Bin ‘Aqbah, the ruler of Banī Taghlub when he threatened Christians.
The author points out that he mentioned only a few examples that demonstrate Islam’s stance on the people of the scripture, and wonders do Muslims still take building churches as an offense?!

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