31. A meeting with youth calls for denouncing violence and supporting dialogue and peace values among religions

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This article advocates dialogue among religions and denounces bigotry and violence in society. It also encourages youth to express themselves freely and think without any restrictions or fear.

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The ninth regional Muslim-Christian youths meeting conference was held the day before yesterday in the Evangelical Theological College in Cairo and it was sponsored by the Middle East Council of Churches [MECC, see: www.mec-churches.org/].
Pastor ‘Ātif Mihnī, the manager of the Evangelical Theological College, assured that he utilizes all the facilities of the institute to spread the culture of peace in the Arab area and to get rid of the heritage of enmity. Father Girgis Sālih emphasized that since the establishment of the MECC it has abided by the Islamic-Christian dialogue, pointing out that religion is a factor of peace and cooperation while bigotry destroys peace.
In addition, Father Yūhannā Qultah emphasized that the religions during bygone ages were able to practice their rituals freely. He also pointed out that we are not confronted with a crisis of religion but of interpreting religions. Finally, he addressed the youth inviting and encouraging them to think freely without any restrictions or fear of anything.

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