41. Copts celebrate the start of the fasting of the Holy Virgin Holiday

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Copts begin the fast of theVirgin and in al-Balyanā they offer their fasting and prayers for the reinstatement of defrocked Father Bula.

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On August 22, the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary. Starting from the seventh of August, Copts start a special fasting that precedes the holiday. Hānī Samīr reports on the beginning of the fasting and the church services that accompany it.
He also reports that Copts of al-Balyanā in Sohag started fasting and praying for the reinstatement of the defrocked priest Father Bula. Bishop Yū’annis has promised them to reconsider the decision when they protested at the Cathedral in Cairo. [Reviewer: See AWR 2009, week 28, articles 49 and 57, and week 29, article 44]

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