21. The famous mosque pulpit-maker in Upper Egypt is a Copt!

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This article sheds light on an Upper-Egyptian Copt who devoted his life to making mosque pulpits.

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A pencil, a chisel, a saw, wooden boards, pieces of arabesque, a bowed tall body, coarse fingers, and a kind face are tools for making a simple national unity, created by the simple Coptic carpenter, Karrās Girgis, 62, who spent 24 years making pulpits of mosques for his Muslim brethren. This simple carpenter solved the difficult problem of national unity, which defied great Egyptian minds. He confirmed that making pulpits for mosques is a mission for God, since the mosque equals the church.
After finishing his first pulpit, and during his fixing it in the mosque, Girgis closed the door and cried praying to God to bring back his absent son, vowing to donate a third of his pay to the mosque, if he returned. The absent son returned and he fulfilled his vow.
This simple man addresses the national unity offenders saying: "how would you benefit if you gained the whole world, and lost Egypt?"

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