32. Bishop Yu’annis headed the accompanying delegation and the postponement of the general elections of the monastery for the fourth time

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This article reports on the pope’s fourth visit to St Macarius Monastery since its abbot’s resignation.

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Last Tuesday, Pope Shenouda III visited St. Macarius monastery in Wadi Natrūn, accompanied by a delegation of bishops and priests, and the pope’s secretaries; Bishop Yu’annis and Bishop Irmyā. This visit was the patriarch’s fourth one to this monastery since its abbot, the bishop of Assiut, Bishop Mikhā’īl’s controversial resignation after heading the monastery for 65 years. Some Coptic elders believe that powerful hidden forces were behind this resignation, especially after Bishop Mikhā’īl’s long tenure at the monastery.
As a result, Pope Shenouda became the direct guardian of the monastery and has visited it four times. The first visit was on May 5, 2009 and the most recent one was last Tuesday. The selection of a secretary for the monastery has remained undecided during the four visits.
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