33. Pope Shenouda: God does not curse a man unless He knows that he is definitely lost

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This article expounds the eagerness of the Coptic people for the pope, after his absence, in St. Mark’s Cathedral last Wednesday.

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Dozens of bishops and priests, along with thousands of Copts, gathered in St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo to attend his holiness’ sermon last Wednesday. Copts cheered, clapped, and uttered cries of joy for more than 15 minutes.
The pope also answered some of the congregation’s questions as well as giving his sermon. The first question was about curses and the pope confirmed that God does not curse a man unless He knows that he is definitely lost. The second question was from a 20-year-old girl who loves her 16-year-old cousin. The pope advised her to seek counsel from her mother and aunt. There was also a third question about the reason why Copts do not read the old testament in mass. The pope asserted that the church reads it in holy week
In his sermon Pope Shenouda spoke about God’s providence and mercy, relating to the rumor of his demise. He stated that God is forgiving to all, even to Satan himself, who was not deprived of his powerful nature.

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