35. Lack of transparency

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A writer calls for more transparency and gives examples of where a lack of transparency gave way to rumors.

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Sāmih Fawzī comments on the lack of transparency in Egyptian society, which he sees as causing the dissemination of rumors. This in turn hinders the discussion of many public issues, while leading people to feel that corruption dominates society.
The writer provides some examples for the lack of transparency in handling cases:
A rumor about dissolving the People’s Assembly spread even to daily papers and between some officials.
The Egyptian fishermen detained by Somali pirates have been returned, but no one knows the truth about how they returned.
The writer highlights the paradox that is taking place under an electronic government that tries to stress the concept of communication at "Smart Village". He argues that a lot of controversies could have been averted if the facts were presented from the beginning. He assures that all the sectarian conflicts are the result of rumors caused by lack of transparency and the government officials’ disinterest in bearing responsibility and facing problems.

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