26. Copts abroad have wronged Pope Shenouda

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The article observes the recent objections of overseas Copts to Pope Shenouda’s account that Jesus was Palestinian in origin as a sign of blind fundamentalism.

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It has been reported lately that overseas Coptic organizations have rejected Pope Shenouda’s account that Jesus was Palestinian in origin. They also confirmed that Jesus was a Jew from the Jewish city of Nazareth. Moreover, they related the pope’s statements to the fact that he is living a state of subordination to Egyptian interests regardless of Coptic ones.
Such organizations seem to be caught in a delusion of fallacies though. First and foremost, Jesus is a pure Palestinian since he was born to a mother who had been born and raised in Palestine: the land of Canaan to which Jews were no more than intruders after being cast out from Egypt.
Jesus Christ was only Jewish in doctrine. At that time, people used to follow either heathenism or Judaism as Romans conquered the land. Yet the contradiction persists: Jews want to celebrate Christ’s Jewish identity, the same man they betrayed, tortured and unjustly crucified.
As for claims of the pope’s subordination to Egyptian political stances, the latter have never reported to argue the origins of Jesus Christ before to subsequently gain the pope’s adherence. Above all, the pope has adopted a biblical fact and as the supreme father of the Coptic Church, he is supposed to express his nationalism especially when no sense of inconsistency between national stands and church beliefs is implied.
Needless to say, overseas Copts need to give up fundamentalism and start to see facts as exemplified in the Bible. This has not been pointed out to defend the pope, instead, it can be seen as a call to abandon fundamentalism in favor of crystal-clear truths.

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