36. The asceticism of permitted things and not adolescence, doctor! [2]

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Father Marqus ‘Azīz, priest of the Hanging Church, continues his responses to the allegations and insults made by Dr. Hunayn ‘Abd al-Masīh against Christianity and the church.

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In the article, Father Marqus ‘Azīz, priest of the Hanging Church, continues to respond to the allegations and insults that a pharmacist made against Christianity and the church [Reviewer: The author refers to Dr. Hunayn ‘Abd al-Masīh who has recently published two books against the teachings of the Coptic Orthodox Church]. The author states that Christianity calls on people to renounce even the worldly sciences if they contradict the faith. He distinguishes between human wisdom, which may lead to failure, and divine wisdom, which never fails. At the same time, he confirms that asceticism does not mean refraining from seeking knowledge, but not purely depending on this earthly knowledge as it is imperfect and temporal. Furthermore, the author writes about asceticism of money referring to the life of Jesus Christ who voluntarily chose to be born poor for the sake of the poor. He points out that this behavior was also depicted in the life of the early churches where apostles and believers despised money and were content.

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