19. The Fitnah capital

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The author mentions four sectarian conflicts that took place in Minya in less than a year. He notes that the four conflicts are related to the issue of building or restoring Christian houses of worship.

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Kamāl reports on the fourth sectarian conflict in less than one year in Minya governorate to prove that Minya has become the capital of sectarian strife in Egypt.
Kamāl reports on a sectarian incident that took place in Nazlat al-Badramān in Dayr Mawwās. The conflict resulted in the injury of a policeman, a Coptic teacher and a Muslim child who is ten years old. Eighteen people were arrested.
Kamāl noted that the four sectarian strives have one element in common; namely church building and restoration. The four incidents he pointed out were: the Abū Fānā incidents that occurred because of the extension of the outer fence of the monastery, ‘Izbat Bāsīlius incidents that took place when a Coptic man used his house as a place for prayers and al-Hūslīyah incidents in Abū Qurqās that took place for the same reason; Copts gathering to pray in a house.

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