25. The laymen front threatens to expose those who traffic in the church’s pain

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Recently a number of lawyers and some other characters have appeared claiming to be a reformist movement. According to the article, those traffickers only seek fame and other personal interests through interfering in church affairs and rumors.

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In reaction to the loud voices of Coptic activists and Coptic writers who talk on behalf of the church and claim to be laymen who seek church reform, a laymen front was formed to respond to those traffickers who only seek fame in the media and personal interests.
The lawyer Nabīl ‘Azmī who is one of the founders of the bloc emphasizes that he trusts Pope Shenouda, patriarch of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark completely in whatever he announces or denies; what ever else is said by anyone else, according to him, is just claims and lies to interfere in the church affairs.
Both Nabīl Shafīqand ‘Azmī agree that the idea of this front emerged from the fact that there is a need to deny the statements about the Coptic Orthodox Church and all the rumors and claims made by some traffickers. They also agreed that any news should be only taken as true when it comes from church officials and Pope Shenouda; journalists who are keen to know about the Coptic file should go to the church directly rather than lawyers.
In addition, the lawyer Ihāb Makram ‘Abd al-Malāk asked Pope Shenouda to determine the names of the lawyers who are responsible for defending the interests of the church, especially the administrative part; they should only have the right to stand before the courts but they are not allowed to state anything related to the policy of the church or any controversial issues as a way of gaining fame.

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