26. Pope Shenouda … blessed with a sense of humor

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Pope Shenouda III Patriarch of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark adores laughter; he is well-known for his smiling face and his sense of humor even during his weekly sermon.

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The jokes made by Pope Shenouda III in his weekly sermons and some of his comic answers to people’s questions are spread widely amongst the Coptic youth’s mobile phones as sound clips. According to the author Upper Egyptians and Jewish Rabbis in Egypt are the main topics in the pope’s jokes. Pope Shenouda III is the first and only patriarch among the 117 patriarchs in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church who adores jokes and is keen to mention a number of them in his weekly sermons; he is known for his words "people thought that when I became the patriarch I would stop laughing … but I can not"; he is well-known for his smiling face.
The author sheds light on Pope Shenouda III’s sense of humor and how he retained it while answering people’s questions and inquiries in different fields during the weekly sermon.

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