32. 13 Copts urge the government for 3 million pounds as a compensation for the eradication of pigs

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A lawsuit is brought by Copts against all the governors who issued orders to execute Egypt’s pigs. As a result of this decision, about a million families who used to breed pigs, or benefitted from the industries based on them, were negatively affected.

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Thirteen Coptic garbage collectors have urged the government to pay compensation of three million pounds for the decision taken to slaughter Egypt’s pigs, which impacted thousands of those who work in pig breeding and other industries reliant on the raising of pigs.
The Copts have brought a suit against the governors of Cairo, Giza, Helwan, and Qalyubia as well as against the Egyptian President Muhammad Hosnī Mubārak. The suit entails that the governors issued arbitrary and hasty decisions in recent months without waiting for a response from the Ministry of Public Health, the World Health Organization, or the government, which asked for more time to find solutions for such crisis. In addition, they insisted carrying out their decision to slaughter the pigs in spite of World Health Organization advice stating that the H1N1 virus had not entered the Middle East or Egypt. According to the report, there was no need to execute the pigs. It is estimated that about a million families depend on and benefit from industries based on pig breeding, in addition to tradesmen who mainly work to export products which are mainly made out of pigs.

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