21. Bishop Kyrillus complains about officials’ reluctance to return 80 families to their homes

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Bishop Kyrillus of Naj‘ Hammādī reports on the sectarian attacks in Farshūt to Pope Shenouda III, and accuses the governor of Qena and members of the People’s Assembly of being negative towards the problem.

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The sectarian strife that has recently taken place in Farshūt became Pope Shenouda III’s main concern upon his return from a medical trip to the United States.
Two days ago, Pope Shenouda met Bishop Kyrillus of Naj‘ Hammādī and Farshūt, who informed him about what he reported as the Qena Governor, Majdī Ayyūb’s negative reaction to the crisis, and the members of the People Assembly’s reluctance to return 80 Coptic families to their homes after having escaped Muslim attacks against them.
Some sources reported that members of the People’s Assembly had at first responded to a call from Ahmad ‘Izz, but ignored the matter soon after.
Pope Shenouda had asked Bishop Kyrillus not to discuss the problems in Farshūt before he is back from his medical trip.

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