37. Christian satellite channels under the microscope

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The article presents some views about the performance of Coptic satellite channels.

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Coptic religious satellite channels are accused by some of being remiss in observing the sufferings of Copts and their rights. This has forced ’al-Wafd’ to assess the performance of these channels.
Kamāl Zākhir, the general coordinator of the Coptic laymen front, states that the Coptic channels are mainly spiritual and argues they should not be turned into a forum for discussing Coptic problems in society. He stresses that in a civil society, it is the parliament that is responsible for discussing such problems. Zākhir points out that the Christian channels are mainly intended to address the spiritual needs of Christians in some villages who, owing to some demographic problems, cannot get permission to build churches. He rated them 4/10, pointing out that they lack professionalism and are highly restricted.
Georgette Qilīnī, a Coptic member of parliament, stressed the spiritual importance of the Christian channels and described them as being good. She said that the appropriate place for discussing current issues and sectarian incidents is Egyptian national television and not the Coptic channels.
Father Salīb Matta Sawīris, member of the Community Council stressed that the Coptic Orthodox channels have a spiritual remit and will not interfere in politics.

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