44. A New Year; between dreams and reality

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44. A New Year; between dreams and reality
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p. 9
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Jamal As‘ad
Basmah Ahmad al-Khashab
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Jamāl As‘ad advocates for analyzing incidents and issues that took place in recent years in an attempt to find better solutions to crucial problems and to find a better means of fulfilling major dreams and wishes in 2010.

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Jamāl As‘ad starts his article reflecting on the idea of dreams, their different types and how they can have a positive effect encouraging a person to fulfill their wishes. Afterwards, As‘ad proceeds by saying that at the beginning of a new year, people usually start talking about their wishes for the coming year. These wishes, according to him, are nothing but dreams that nobody strives to fulfill.
Later, As‘ad goes on to say that through it is essential for people to look at the incidents that took place over the past year analytically, and use them as a guide to avoid making the same mistakes again. As‘ad then reflects on different examples in a political context. Firstly, regarding political reform, he explains the need for more adequate and effective constitutional articles before advocating for a new constitution. Secondly, he highlights that there has been much controversy about the citizenship article of the constitution. He says that due to sectarian tensions between the Muslims and the Christians in Egyptian society, some people have portrayed citizenship as the rights of the minority in the face of a dominating majority; hence, it became a sectarian article. As‘ad stresses that this is due to the Islamic and Christian religious discourse which manipulates religion and plays on stirring the religious passion of people; some extremists work on insulting the other party and violating its image.