45. Acts against citizenship [1]

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In his article, Labīb monitors issues related to citizenship at the end of the year.

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Labīb states that at the end of the year he usually records incidents, whether they are for or against citizenship. In this article he monitors the “anti-citizenship harvest" through a number of ideas, situations and incidents. He refers to the penetration of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian educational system by establishing a number of Brotherhood schools in different governorates with the purpose of reviving a spirit of jihād. Labīb also asserts that violence against women is a remarkable reason behind the decline of society. He mentions different forms of violence such as physical, sexual, political, social, cultural and even economic aggression against women.
Furthermore, the author states that bribery is the most critical obstacle that hinders the development of the administrative system. Minister of Administrative Development Ahmad Darwīsh believes that the solution to stop bribery is by a enforcing a kind of separation between the employees and the citizens.

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