28. Pope No. 118.

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In this

article the author discusses the issue of electing a new pope for the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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Patriarchs and popes, like emperors and pharaohs, have a numeral sequence to indicate the

historic period of their reign or when they entered their Holy See. This is the reason behind this

article’s title.
To some extent, it is not morally appropriate to assume the vacancy of the

position to propose conditions for the new election, while the person in charge is still alive,

especially, in the Coptic Orthodox Church. It is illegal to substitute this person even in case of

serious sickness or any other incapacity, except in case of death. Also as the election rules are

not suitable for all times, it has led to improvisational amendments whenever the need arises. Is

it possible to establish broad principles that surpass the particularity of time that politicians,

clergymen, thinkers and socialists all take part in formulating?
The religious institution

is not only to deal with sectarian affairs but also to encourage its people to be spiritual people

who have the ability to deal with everything. No one can ignore the sectarian clashes and

conflicts which have changed the course of history. This is the role of the pope no.

The author believes that the individual elected to this position should not be a monk

because of the difference in the two lifestyles except in case that conditions, which prevent

individual domination and allow collective leadership, are put. There should be specialized

advisory committees in all fields of knowledge and they are to be the decision makers in the

church. The Church Canon should also be in line with civil laws to prevent the inconsistency of

different laws.
In the light of the constitutional provisions which state the principle of

citizenship, the religious leader should not be a leader of a denomination and there should not be

a community council because this name contradicts the meaning of citizenship. All this is for the

new pope to start in a healthy climate without confusion between politics and religion.

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