43. The strike between the injustice of the government and provoking people

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The article

discusses the issue of strikes. It questions their legitimacy and how the right to go on strike

should ideally be used. It suggests that striking should be the last resort after all other

solutions fail. Also, it suggests only lawful demands should be raised and accepted.

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The author

discussed the different views on the issue of strikes in Egypt. He wrote that the right to strike

is misused by some people who force themselves as representatives for the people and talk in their

name. They incite people to pursue unlawful methods to express their views or ask for their

rights. Sometimes, the government reacts too late. In other times it adopt a policy solve problems

after they explode. Some people incite, mislead, misinform, and propose exaggerated analysis for

the situation. This needs prompt intervention to stop those who doubts the government

He quoted Dr. Muhammad Hasan Wajīh, an expert on international negotiation

and head of the English department in the Faculty of Languages and Translation at the Azhar

University, as saying that objection is a principal human right. It is a legal right to which he

can resort if he was wronged and all traditional methods failed to alleviate the injustice he

face. Thus, he should not be deprived of resorting to this right. Yet, this right has to be

regulated to be effective. Using it so frequently shows the absence of the culture which sets the

rules for its use. It is even more obvious in the wrong practices which happens during the

He added the government response to some of the strikes as positive indicator. It

indicates that the problem can be solved regardless of the circumstances. It also shows that the

state respect this lawful objection by a group of people, who have lawful demands. The government

should never respond to those who asks to violate the laws. He added that sometimes he feels that

using this right goes over the limits. The media should spread the culture peaceful objection

which should be far from damages. The objection will be effective when happens less frequently. It

should be the last resort, otherwise it will lose its effectiveness.

‘Uthmān Muhammad ‘Uthmān, head of the political sciences department

at 6 of October University, said that strike became the only resort available for those who have

communal demands. it is a punishment method in the democratic societies. At the same time, he does

not recommend to use it frequently due the huge economic and social losses it causes. The only

reason for the social unrest is the disproportional relation between the prices and the salaries,

especially in the governmental sector.
Dr. Sha‘bān Shams, dean of the

Faculty of Media at 6 of October University, explained that responding to strikes pressures and

realizing the protesters’ demands is alarming is issue. It shows that the government does not

move at all to realize the demands of the poor people who are in much worse situation than most of

the protesting groups.

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