10. Expatriate Copts launch the “out of the dark tunnel” campaign responding to the collapse of the Virgin Church in Sohag

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A group of

expatriate Copts call for the urgent stipulation of a unified law for houses of worship.

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[AWR is working on a report on

this issue. This will be placed in a coming issue of AWR]
Samīr reports that a group of Coptic expatriates have

launched the “out of the dark tunnel” campaign protesting against the collapse of the Virgin Church in the suburbs of the

Upper Egyptian governorate of Sohag.
The collapse resulted in the death of eight Egyptians under the ruins of the

collapsing church and four neighboring buildings [Reviewer: previous news reported the collapse of the church building and

two neighboring houses.].
The campaign attributed the collapse to the delay in the execution of restoration work

because of the reluctance of the official institutions to grant the necessary authorizations.
The expatriate Copts who

organized the campaign called for an urgent law for building houses of worship in Egypt, stressing the need to effectuate

citizenship rights. They also called on Egyptians of all religions, doctrines and beliefs to join the campaign toward

stipulating a unified law for building houses of worship.

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