15. The most respected law in Egypt.

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The article lists facts related to the houses of worship

file. He shows the extent of the state’s discrimination in dealing with both Muslim and Christian houses of worship.

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July 18, 2008 the office of the Egyptian Foreign Minister sent a message to one of the Central European state’s Ministry of

Foreign Affairs regarding the latest inquiries on the status of Copts as a result of the many complaints from Copts of this

country about what the Egyptian government does to its Coptic citizens.
Although this message contained many erroneous

statements, the author decided did not to respond to it, assuming that the political leadership in Egypt may have felt that

the time has come to take serious action regarding the Coptic file rather than continuing to deny the problems.

the months passed without the Egyptian government doing anything, with the exception of sending official missions which tried

to address the growing anger among Copts abroad. Therefore, the author believes that it is necessary to return to that

message for analysis and comment.
This article will deal with the subject of building churches because it is a

continuing source of tensions and had led to many sectarian incidents.
[The full English version of this article will

appear in week 12 of AWR 2009 from the English language newspaper Watani International]

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