16. The Azhar-Vatican Dialogue Committee calls for enforcing the concept of peace and cooperation and discarding fanatics

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The Azhar-Vatican committee’s annual meeting was held in Cairo from February


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Participants at the annual meeting of the Azhar-Vatican Dialogue Committee that was held from February 24-25,

asserted the significance of revealing aspects of tolerance and virtue in religions.
In his speech, Shaykh

‘Alī ‘Abd al-Bāqī, secretary general of Islamic Research Academy asserted that

Sharī‘ah is consistent with all heavenly laws in values and virtues, especially with Christianity’s

call for forgiveness and tolerance.
Shaykh ‘Abd al-Bāqī explained that Islam’s view of peace

between all human beings is based on particular bases that stimulate the individual to act through a number of values; the

most important of which are equality and justice in rights and duties. He added that these principles are asserted in the

Qur’ān and the Sunnah.
Furthermore, he added that it is according to these principles of equality

and justice that Jews and Christians have lived peacefully in an Islamic state.
The general secretary called on Muslim

and Christian men of religion and scholars to encourage the spirit of love, tolerance and cooperation among people.

[For more information about this year’s Azhar-Vatican Dialogue Committee meeting see the following article and AWR 2009,

week 8, article 22]

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