68. Administrative Court supports the decision taken by Minister of Higher Education concerning niqāb

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Rose al-Yūsuf reports on recent decisions concerning students wearing niqāb during their exams.
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The Administrative Court has supported the decision taken by the Minister of Higher Education concerning preventing niqāb-wearing students from taking their exams unless they remove the veil. The court rejected 55 cases filed by niqāb-wearing students at Cairo, ‘Ayn Shams and Helwan universities trying to appeal the decision.
The court explained that there are current debates regarding whether niqāb is a fard in Islam or not. However, the court did not consider these debates and said that it cares more for the public interest. The court also asserted that although wearing niqāb was a personal freedom, it should be controlled in some cases.
The court also added that universities took such decisions for public welfare and not to impose limitations on people. The decision was taken as a step towards getting ready for the exams and to try to put an end to means of cheating during the exams.
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