25. Discrimination against the Copts compounded

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The spokesman of al-Tajammū‘ party criticizes the government’s treatment of sectarianism and calls for a unified law for building houses of worship to be passed. He also demands severe punishment for the culprits of discrimination, and blames the government’s behavious for the persistence of sectarianism.
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The spokesman of al-Tajammu‘ party confirmed that the party had declared that the massacre of Naj‘ Hammādī was not the first and nor would it be the last. He also confirmed the party’s opinion over the urgency in passing a unified law for building houses of worship, in order to stop the clashes. The spokesman also blamed the government for sowing discrimination on a daily basis and creating a sectarian atmosphere through religious discrimination in providing jobs and employment.
He also blamed the education system that, he believes, is based on religious discrimination, also criticized the conventional ‘urfī reconciliation sessions, which are used instead of applying the law in cases of conflicts. [For more information on the legal role of traditional reconciliation sessions in conflict resolution, see AWR2010 Week 2 Article 4]
Al-Tajammū‘ party denounced the sectarian attacks and called for the maximum punishment of the culprits, highlighting the government’s failure to deal with these matters.
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