46. Security forces close the gates of al-Azhar mosque on the congregation protesting against the Israeli desecration of al-Aqsá mosque, and besiege thousands of demonstrators in the governorates

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This article deals with the reaction and demonstrations of many Muslims to Israeli actions in al-Haram al-Qudsī and al-haram al-Ibrāhīmī.
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Protesting against the Israeli desecrations of al-Haram al-Qudsī and al-haram al-Ibrāhīmī, about two thousand demonstrators were detained inside al-Azhar mosque. The security forces locked the gates of the mosque, preventing the protesting congregation from getting outside. The demonstrators denounced the passive stance of Muslim leaders, and called Muslims every where to boycott Israeli and American goods, as well as defend al- Aqsá mosque from the Israel’s constant desecration.
 The Muslim Brotherhood group in Alexandria organized tens of protesting demonstrations in public places against the Israeli desecrations of the Islamic sacred places. Even eight Parliament representatives participated in these demonstrations.
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