18. The war of conferences between Muslims and Copts in 1911

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The year 1911 witnessed two important conferences. The first was a Coptic conference held in March to shed light on some of the Coptic demands and problems in Egypt. In response, an Islamic conference was held in April to discuss the Coptic demands, and at the same time warn against the religious division of the Egyptian nation.    
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On the 6th of March, 1911, a Coptic conference was held in which all the attendants were fully loyal to national unity. Among the issues discussed was the strengthening of ties between Muslims and Copts and the desire for equality among all Egyptian citizens. In addition, it was stressed during the conference that there is no evidence in Egyptian law to privilege one party against the other for employment. The only conditions for employment are Egyptian nationality and personal qualifications and efficiency. Finally, the conference concluded that the solution is not to discriminate, but rather to solidate integration among all the citizens.
In response, Muslims held another conference on the 29th April, 1911, which aimed at discussing some of the Coptic demands. Ahmad Lotfī al-Sayyid, Ahmad ‘Abd al-Latīf and ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Fahmī elaborated that the target of the conference was to bring together the two sides concerning national unity, which was about to collapse due to the Copts' conference. The conference included a number of complaints concerning Muslims' fanaticism against Copts in Egypt. They also warned against the division of the Egyptian nation as a political system into two religious bodies, an Islamic majority and a Christian minority.
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