20. If the Virgin is the center of Christianity, then why are women not ordained?

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Samīr comments on the role of women in the church, especially given the issues of child abuse which have plagued the Catholic Church.
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In commenting on the issues of child abuse by clergymen in the West, Samīr wonders why women are still marginalized in the church, especially given the fact that the Virgin Mary is the center of Christianity [Reviewer: Although Virgin Mary is revered, she is not the center of Christianity; for Christianity is based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, son of Mary]. These recent issues have caused embarrassment to the church; neither the Catholic pope nor clergymen were able to avoid the crises’ negative consequences. Samīr believes that cardinals and priests still live behind the protection of religious authority and she points out that women have been ordained priestesses in the Evangelical church since 1948. She believes that Vatican should reconsider its views regarding women’s’ role in the church.
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