22. The Orthodox Church holds talks in the West but denies talks in the East

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Al-Fāris interviews Rev. ‘Īd Salāh—pastor of the 3rd Evangelical Church in Minya—and talks about relations among various denominations as well as the activities of the Evangelical Church.
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In this interview, Rev. ‘Īd Salāh—pastor of the 3rd Evangelical Church in Minya—expresses his belief that, while both the Evangelical and Catholic churches are minorities in Egypt, there are open discussions between them over the Orthodox Church’s talking in the West but refusal to do so in the East. Rev. Salāh talks about his participation in preparing the encyclopedia of Muslim-Christian relations during 600-900 AD, describing the encyclopedia, which is being prepared by Birmingham University, as a historical documentation of writings that focuses on these relations in various languages. He states that he recently hosted a symposium dealing with Christian Evangelical-Arabic writings from the second half of the nineteenth century and their effects on public life at that time. He also refers to the role of the Evangelical press and the enlightening role of the Evangelical Church. Rev. Salāh believes that reporters’ inaccuracy in highlighting the symposium due to their desire for fame and for inciting clashes among denominations has created serious problems.
With regard to his ministry in Minya, Salāh states that the Evangelical Church is achieving progress despite the enticements that the Coptic Church offers to Evangelical Christians as a condition to convert to Orthodoxy. He refers to his role as the head of the council for judicial and constitutional affairs in the Synod—a council which undertakes decisions of judgments inside the church. With regard to the Evangelical Church, he asserts that its golden age will not come to an end and that it will continue to serve society.
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