16. Islam is a religion that accepts diversity, recognizes difference, and preserves human rights

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During ameeting with German and Swiss students, Minister of Religious Endowments Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq reinforces Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance which accepts diversity.
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Minister of Religious Endowments Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq said that Islam is a religion of peace that accepts diversity and acknowledges differences within a fair society where people's rights and dignity are respected.
"Dialogue should be the only civilized language because it can help narrow gaps of difference and bring viewpoints closer," said Zaqzūq during a meeting with two German and Swiss student delegations (i.e. within the framework of his ministry's efforts to introduce enlightened Islam).
The minister replied to students' questions about several issues like fundamentalism, Islam in the West, Muslims' merging into Western societies and Muslim's relations with Copts in Egypt as well as reports published on the Internet about the Naj‘ Hammādī incident.
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