36. Copts in Canada transfer the Egyptian ambassador to Thailand

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The Egyptian ambassador, Shāmil Nāsir, was transferred, as per request by the Canadian Coptic Organization, from Canada to Thailand due to a letter that he sent to the Church warning them against the negative consequences of the demonstrations organized by the expatriate Copts in Canada. 
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Expatriate Copts in Canada managed to transfer the Egyptian ambassador, Shāmil Nāsir, outside Canada to Thailand. This came as a response to the letter he sent to the Church warning them against their demonstrations in Canada, which they organize in order to urge the Egyptian government to stop what they called "the Coptic suppression." He believed that such demonstrations would negatively affect the social unity in Egyptian society. However, considering such letters a threat aiming at the prevention of their right of demonstration, the Canadian Coptic Organization handed a copy of the ambassador's letter to the Canadian Prime Minister, accusing him of threatening Canadian citizens and seeking to deprive them of their freedom of expression and demonstration. Consequently, the Canadian government announced the Egyptian ambassador as an unwanted character. Hence, the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad Abū al-Ghayt, decided to transfer Nāsir to Thailand instead.
The Canadian Coptic Organization considers this the first positive step in the success of the Universal Coptic Parliamentary work.
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