52. Churches of Egypt [3]; the Hanging Church III

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Al-Ghaytānī highlights the Egyptian origin of many elements of the Hanging Church in Old Cairo. He also notes that the religious compound contains the world oldest houses of worship for the three heavenly religions.
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Al-Ghaytānī accomplishes concludes his three articles on the Hanging Church in Old Cairo and praises the boat shape of the church built, hanging on the Babylonian fort in old Cairo. He compared the boat-shape of the hanging Church to the ancient Egyptian Sun boats infrom the ancient Egyptian civilization, referring to the Egyptian origin of the concept of the boat as a connection to the divine.
Al-Ghaytānī also shed light on the artistic works in the church and different “saints” and artists who participated in executing the artistic works in the church.
Al-Ghaytānī refers to the so-called the religious compound in Old Cairo, which includes the oldest church [the Hanging Church], the oldest mosque [Mosque of ‘Amr Ibn al-‘Ās] and the oldest Jewish temple [Ibn ‘Izrā].
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