57. SMS: He who knows his flaws

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Hānī Labīb continues his article about giving people different names.
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“I liked the idea that everyone should have a certain name or title,” Hānī Labīb starts his article, “and I decided to apply this to some characters.”
-         The forger: he is a person who has involved in political life since he was a child. Such a person is a master of forgery in different ways starting from simple stealing to forging signatures. He is expected to a great politician.
-         The shape shifter: one of the strongest opposition voices who has to move from one place to another. Although he manages to increase his opposing voice, he does not have a problem in changing his ideas and becoming an ally of his previous enemies.
-         The illusionary: it is almost impossible to know anything about his political views and ideas. He always camouflages according to time and place.
-         The racist: he is someone who cannot hide his prejudice against others. He never cares for the consequences for his tā’ifī deeds against other religions and the country.
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