36. Coptic Parliament…between legitimacy and buffoonery

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This article is a response to Michael Munīr’s call for a Coptic Parliament, asking that if Copts have the right to do this, why wouldn’t the Muslim Brotherhood or any other religious political group?


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The author, Nabīl Luqā Bibāwī, said that Michael Munīr, a Copt who lives abroad, suggested the establishment of a Coptic Parliament. However, with all due respect to Munīr and other expatriate Copts, such ideas create a needless sectarian issue in Egypt.
“Article 86 of the constitution stipulates that the Parliament is the only body which has the right to make laws and this Parliament is formed by general elections.”
“If Copts formed their Parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood will also form a Parliament of their own and in a short time we could get Sunni and Shiite parliaments as well,” Bibāwī wrote.
He wonders whether there is any country in the world that has Parliaments based on sectarian or religious basis.
Munīr has the right to express his opinion, and we have the right to respond.
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