41. Expatriate Coptic leader, Maurice Sādiq, calls for use of Nile water as means of pressure to protect Copts

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This article explains Sādiq’s claim that the use of Nile Water in Egypt can be used to the benefit of Coptic activists. He calls on Ethiopia to use Nile water as a bargaining tool for Coptic rights in Egypt. 
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Chairman of the U.S. Coptic Association, Maurice Sādiq, continued what the Coptic Orthodox Church leaders described as madness by issuing ridiculous statements against Egypt.
He urged Ethiopia to use the Nile water crisis to pressure Egypt to protect Coptic rights.
In his statement “Nile water for Coptic rights,” Sādiq described national leader Ahmed ‘Urābī as a “criminal” and the Egyptian resistance during the British occupation as an Islamic movement to slaughter Copts.
The man strongly criticized the 1919 revolution and the Coptic leaders for joining it.
Al-Wafd Party Secretary-General, Mūnīr Fakhrī ‘Abd al-Nūr, described the statement as “ignorance of the geographical, historical and social facts of Egypt,” asserting that this person is not worthy of the Egyptian nationality.
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