1. For the first time, a documentary broadcasted by B.B.C. reveals Christianization in Egypt

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In its documentary, B.B.C sheds light on the issue of Christianization in the Middle East, especially Egypt and Morocco.
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The author and editor of this documentary state that Christianization is one of the most serious issues in the Arab world and although most Arab constitutions provide for freedom of belief, most Arab countries still do not guarantee this freedom. Converting form Islam to Christianity in an Arab country means a violation of the law. ‘Abd al-Rāziq sheds light on the suffering that Christian people experience and how they live secretly in Arab countries such as Egypt and Morocco. The author reports on his meeting with a family consisting of a Christian convert wife and her Christian husband. They are legally unmarried before the state because laws in Egypt ban marriage between Christians and converts. He refers to the court’s rejection to the case of Māhir al-Jawharī, a Muslim convert, in which he attempted to change the religion on his identity card. In Morocco, the author met another convert who lives two lives, a Muslim in his family and a Christian among other Christians. He cannot declare his Christian belief due to strict conversion laws. He mentions the governmental campaigns against Christian preachers in Morocco and the misconception of the issue of religion.
‘Abd al-Rāziq refers to the role of al-Hayāh [Life] TV and Father Zakārīyā Butrus, who is known for his biting attacks on Islam. Although the editors of the documentary attempted to meet some of those who work in this TV channel, they all rejected on the pretext of security reasons. The channel and its crew, most of them Muslim converts, work on preaching and helping those who want to convert from Islam to Christianity. The conversion of the lawyer and activist Najlā’ al-Imām stirred a crisis inside and outside Egypt. She confirmed that there are many beneficiaries of Christianization who talk on behalf of the Christian converts. In preparation of the documentary, the author discovered a relation between al-Hayāh TV and Jauyce Meyer Ministries, a famous preaching organization in the U.S which refers to al-Hayāh as a vital partner. With regard to the content broadcasted by this channel, Meyer stated that she does not have any editing authority on the channel. The author refers to a new generation of converts living in America and following the same steps of Father Zakārīyā Butrus in attacking Islam. One of those converts is Ahmad Abāzah who alleges to be part of the well-known Egyptian family of the Abāzahs. He established a TV channel named ‘al-Haqīqah’ [Truth] which attacks Muslims and Islam. The author states that the issue of religion in the Arab world is very inflamed and it poses a number of unanswerable questions.
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