32. Eastern culture was educated that religion is a delicate matter

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Eastern culture was educated that religion is a delicate matter


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May 21, 2010
Nāhid Sa‘d [Interviewer]
Katia Saqq&#257
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Rose al-Yūsuf interviews the patriarch of the Greek Catholic Church, Gregorious III, who reflects on issues related to Islam, the Islamic world and East-West relations.
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Sa‘d interviews Patriarch Gregorious III Lahhām of the Greek Catholic Church. The interview tackled the issue of the image of Islam in the West, and particularly the Roman Church. Sa‘d stated that patriarch Gregorious showed a just view of Islam.
In the first Question, Sa‘d asked his eminence about his opinion concerning depicting Islam as a violent religion according to certain incidents that took place. His Eminence stated that the existence of certain extremists is a reality and that gives the wrong image of Islam. He also stated that the existence of extremists in the Coptic party cannot be denied. He attributes the sectarian problem to the lack of a background of religious culture and education. A religious person, whether Muslim or Christian, attacks those who belong to different faiths when do not have a strong religious education. He added that people from the East are educated that religion is a sensitive issue.
Rose al-Yūsuf asked whether there was a conflict between the East and the West. His Eminence stated that he did not believe in the existence of a clash between civilizations, and that every civilization has its merits and faults. He added that the concept of the clash of civilization was promoted by George Bush and vanished with the end of his era.
His Eminence Gregarious III believes that the relation between the East and the West is complimentary.
Concerning his opinion about the current Islamic world, his eminence stated that the Islamic world is moderate because it includes different heavenly faiths, and it is capable of being the best nation.
Patriarch Gregorius III confirmed the Roman Church’s rejection of homosexual marriage and the approval of euthanasia in cases where it is proved that life will be impossible.