58. Days in the United States

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Dr. Yahyá al-Jamal talks about his experience in the US.
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“This is not my first time to visit the US,” Dr. Yahyá al-Jamal states as he starts his article, “I have been there before on many occasions, but I think this will be my last visit.”
My last visit to the US was based on an invitation sent to Dr. al-Jamal by the Egyptian – American union, those are Americans who have Egyptian origins and still have their Egyptian as well as American nationalities. This union is headed by Engineer Mahmūd al-Shazlī, who has been living in the US for 40 years.
The main themes of the conference were the scientific and objective thinking of the Egyptian political and economic conditions in regard to the future of the country. Dr. al-Jamal’s contribution to the conference was his discussion on how the constitution in Egypt is put into action in modern times; in other words, comparing between what is written to what is really applied.
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