60. The American Foundation for Change

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Jamāl As‘ad writes about US attempts for reform in Egypt.
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Any change or reform should aim only at the Egyptian citizen, whether this reform is economic or political. Reform does not result in affecting men, it does not benefit the citizen in any way. Reform and change that take place in the form of political demonstrations aim at the welfare of the Egyptian citizenship in general. Accordingly, it is natural for such reform to be led by Egyptians within Egypt.
Jamāl As‘ad added that this is actually what is happening, despite the fact that some figures who seek change are in direct contact with the US and international organizations. Those figures are seen as following the American agenda that continued after the invasion of Iraq claiming the presence of weapons of mass destruction.
What is more important is that Iraq reached the point of engaging in a civil war. These wars started under the claim that US forces were working for the spread of democracy in the country, through Rice’s idea of “Creative chaos,” then rebuilding the country according to the American style of government. This scheme is, unfortunately, taking place through native citizens who have Iraqi citizenship.
This scheme is nothing but a part of a larger US goal that aims at segmenting the whole region according to race and religion. This is evidenced in Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Lebanon.
As‘ad further comments that amidst all this comes al-Barad‘ī and his supporters, who are American more than Egyptian, and claim that they aim at reform and change in Egypt. They even seek this reform by talking to the US administration in order to force change within Egypt. 
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