6. “The war of preaching” and its effects

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‘Abd al-‘Azīz highlights the preaching by both Muslims and Christians in Egypt, and how this affects sectarian issues.
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The author comments on a statement by Shaykh Khālid al-Jundī, a Muslim scholar, in which he said that the preaching is something like ‘marketing,’ where every party offers its goods. Ironically, a similar expression was used by Father Mattīyās Nasr of the Virgin Mary Church in ‘Izbat al-Nakhl, who also likened preaching to a process of offering goods. The author wonders how religion has become a product to be bought and sold, and how this situation affects sectarian issues. He believes that the incident of Wafā’ Qustantīn, a priest’s wife who wanted to convert to Islam but the Church’s interference prevented her, urged Christian preachers, who considered the event a blow to Christianity, to intensify their work. The author also refers to the BBC’s documentary entitled ‘Mutanassiroun’ [Christianized], which showed the situation of the Christianized in the Arab countries, especially Egypt and Morocco. It pointed out that the situation has been exacerbated recently. The author believes that the problem will remain unless the state stops its discriminative policies against non-Muslims.
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